Behind the scenes

Where the magic happens ...

From Portugal directly to you,

Because every story begins somewhere, and this one is no different. It’s in the heart of the traditional handmade footwear location, Santa Maria da Feira, in the north of Portugal, where our magical process of shoe creation begins.

Starting with the sketch and passing through several processes: cutting, sewing, assembling until the final finishes, we count with a team of the best artisans that keep alive this tradition, passed down through generations.

In our factory, we still follow the same manufacturing process of the good old days preserving excellence, without taking shortcuts. Made in Portugal is a synonym of quality, that we proudly intend to honor.

The love that we put in each piece is the same love we want our customers to feel by wearing them, throughout their lives. We don’t produce on a large scale because our shoes are made in a unique and special way.

Limited Edition

Our products are handcrafted and for that reason, there is no pair alike.
The manual finishes give the piece a unique identity like a piece of art.
At Rock n’ Dot, we are environmentally responsible so we produce by order to avoid more wastes. Each Collection has a limited number of pairs to guarantee the uniqueness and exclusiveness of our creations.