Returns & Refunds

Rock n Dot special edition gold shoes in a white background

Oh noooo! Your Rock n’ Dot’s don’t fit or aren’t really your perfect solemate? You feel sad about that, but you can always find another match in a form of return or exchange, is an easy process 🙂

In order to return, just email us at so that we can follow up on your request and exchange your Rock n’ Dot.

You must return your match in perfect condition, preferably in its original packaging and with no signs of use within 100 days of receiving the order so we can find another match for them. And it’s done, even more, easier than snapping your fingers.

Everything is set for your Rock n’ Dot’s to be returned 🙂

Note that we do not assume liability for loss or damage that occurred during the shipment of the returned Rock n’ Dot’s.

Upon the reception of the product and after evaluating its condition, the value will be fully credited using the same payment method.

For more info check out our terms & conditions.

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