Welcome to our rocking world

Full of joys and dots


The Story of Rock n’ Dot


The story of Rock n’ Dot begins with an irreverent young man and a passion. A passion for shoes!

It was love at first sight, he couldn’t stop contemplating small details, from the raw materials until the very last finishes, it’s every detail that makes a perfect pair of shoes.

Years and years of experience in the footwear industry, research, connection with other cultures and innovation made it possible for a dream to appear, the creation of a brand.

This is how Rock n’ Dot was born.

A brand guided by the wish of breaking the “normal” rules, do things differently. Inspired by the “nostalgia” of a special era with a twist of new trends, we created the perfect combination to make shoes so unique as these.

With a balance between the retro style and the latest trends, our compromise is to design timeless shoes for every moment, with the quality and comfort from the good old days.

Our differences are what makes us stand up from the rest and in a world of boring shoes, we want to colour your outfit and your life.

Every person it’s different and for each foot, there is the perfect solemate waiting!       


Rock n Dot's Founder Signature at the end of the story of how rock n dot was borned

Our Mission

In a world of boring shoes with few colors, which everyone uses the same, this brand appears to color the wardrobe of the bold, confident, and inspiring ones!

Our goal is to build unique shoes with the same quality and comfort of the good old days.

Polka dots pattern in pastel colours with a CTA to buy shoes