Walking towards a better world

Our steps to a more sustainable future.
Quotes of Sustainability with green rock n dot's shoes
Quotes about sustainability with red rock n dot shoes


Wear, Love & Repeat

We made our shoes to last with timeless design and quality so that you can love, cherish and use them over and over again.

Ethics & Transparency

Frequently, our company is submitted to a social audit to ensure we provide the best working conditions.

There's no place like home

We are proud of the fact that our shoes are manufactured in Portugal, and the best part of choosing locally is minimizing our environmental impact. 

Pin up girl in the nature wearing retro yellow shoes
Retro yellow shoes in the nature

One of our commitments is to reduce our impact on the environment, we work daily to walk towards a more sustainable world.

Slow Fashion – Wear, Love & Repeat 

This concept followed us since the beginning, each pair is made to last because we refuse to make another pair just to be put on the corner, we want it to be “the shoe”, the one that you love, cherish for its uniqueness and which withstands the test of time.

We don’t produce on a large scale because we give preference to quality over quantity. We choose our materials based on its quality and durability, which allow us to contribute to the reduction of the number of pairs that each person will use throughout their lives.

We don’t work with stocks because every pair of shoes is unique and exclusively for each person. This way we manage to reduce the waste to the minimum possible.

Ethics and Transparency 

We work with the best artisans to ensure that we keep the manufacturing tradition alive, a heritage that we preserve with great pride, respecting their procedures and keeping a good work environment.

In our factory, we operate according to the legislation. It is very important to us to comply with work security, social security, and finances. Frequently, the factory is submitted to a social audit to ensure that we provide the best working conditions.




You can consult the audit report on SEDEX under the name Relance Calçados Lda., company reference ZC1037586, where you can also verify the corrective measures that we take.

There’s no place like home – Production

Our production is made with great care by local people and whenever we can, we also give preference to local suppliers. This way, we support Portuguese economy and at the same time, we can reduce the carbon footprint.

We try that each pair and its package produces the minimum waste possible.


We are proud to manufacture our shoes with true leather because of the quality, durability, and premium aspect. And you may ask if by using leather we can use the term sustainable? And the answer is yes.

Our leathers are a waste from the food industry, plus it is a bio-degradable material. If the fashion industry stops using residual leathers, the environmental impact would be much higher.

Green Communication

When thinking through every detail of the brand, the packaging is, also, an important part of it. It is sustainable with recycled paper and no plastic on it, plus it is renewable, so you can use it over and over again as a beautiful storage box to keep your shoes safe and sound.


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